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Health & Wellness Life Coaching Consultations

People who are successful in life tend to recognize their need for mentor relationships, and they spend time and resources maintaining these types of partnerships. Most of us already have a team of mentors yet we donʼt always think about them that way. We have our doctors, dentist, accountant, hairstylist, gardener, etc. These "consultants" help us to manage our time and our lives in order to best succeed at our goals. Adding a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Master Life Coach with 35 years of experience to your team of mentors has proven to increase your success at reaching optimal health. We take great care in creating individualized easy-to-implement functional nutritional and wellness programs for our clients.

Free 15 Minute Consultation

We offer several consultations; please read all of the following information provided as you make your decision for a starting point. 

If your'e not sure where to start, have questions or would like to see if we'd make a good fit, please consider a

 FREE 15 minute consultation.

For new clients only; one time offer.

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Initial Health & Nutrition Consultation...$185

  • Disclose medical history and any relevant details using our online metabolic assessment intake forms. This will help reveal your biggest health concerns, symptoms and complaints about your body.
  • Includes 90 minutes of VIRTUAL or IN-OFFICE consultation time with  Dr. Candy to go over responses and possible nutritional issues as suggested by the written assessments. We will discuss a functional nutrition approach to supporting any already existing concerns and preventing the development of more chronic conditions in the future.
  • Client will receive recommendations for changes in diet, supplements and lifestyle. And depending on the client's health concerns, some combination of functional nutrition metabolic restoration programs may be advised. Of consideration would be further health assessments, laboratory testing, personalized diet/eating approach and smart supplementation plan.
  • Ongoing support includes email or text responses to your quick questions when available. Client can always purchase follow-up consultation time as needed.

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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis & Consultation...$475

* All the above plus a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.

 We have a long history of using blood markers for evaluating health status. It will also establish a baseline that can be used to track a person's health over time. When added to the Initial Health & Nutrition Assessment (the above is included in this analysis as well) it provides both the nutrition professional and the client a better view and a more thorough screening. 

The $475 study includes comprehensive blood panels (these alone could cost you over $1000 if you had to pay for them individually), a total health and nutrition analysis using results of the blood tests, urinalysis and results of the functional nutrition health assessments.

Have your blood tests analyzed for optimal nutritional levels and take a preventative approach to your health and vitality.    READ MORE

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Micronutrient / Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Consultation...$620

* All the above plus a Micronutrient test and full printed report all with a HUGE SAVINGS of $420 !

Nutrition is at the core of integrative health and Micronutrient Testing is one the most advanced diagnostic tools available.

Micronutrient testing measures how micronutrients are actually functioning within your white blood cells. This test allow your nutritional assessment for a broad variety of clinical conditions, general wellness and the prevention of chronic diseases including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, various immunological disorders and metabolic disorders.

Why is nutrient status important?   Are you getting what you need?

Vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies have been shown to suppress the function of the immune system which can contribute to degenerative processes such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. You may be deficient in some vitamins, minerals , antioxidants and / or other essential micronutrients and not even know it.

University research shows that 50% of people taking multivitamins are still nutritionally deficient.

Standard Test results do not measure if the nutrient is properly functioning within the body.

This patented micronutrient testing measures the function of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients within your white blood cells. Analysis can reveal a person’s functional nutrient status over a much longer time period than conventional serum testing.

These test give a more meaningful measurement of nutritional status than all other nutritional testing. 

All this is delivered to the client in a complete Micronutrient Health Report. Dr. Candy will analyze this report in detailed along with the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and give her nutritional recommendations including diet and smart supplements. 


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Follow Up Consultation...$85

45 - 60 minutes virtual or in office

  •  Basic questions: are answered at no charge. 
  • Clients with more in-depth complex questions or need their new labs reviewed will be referred to set a follow up appointment time by phone, virtual or in-office visit.

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Trichology Wellness Consultations


Initial Tricho -Wellness Consultation...$85

First appointments can last an hour depending on how many questions you have and the length/severity of your concerns. 

  • Hair Loss Questionnaire
  • Metabolic Assessment Questionnaire
  • Neurotransmitter AssessmentQuestionnaire
  • Digital & Microscopic pictures
  • Capillascope-photos: shows you live microscopic computerizes images of your hair and scalp.
  • Scalp analysis by a Board Certified Naturopath and Trichologist
  • Customized treatment plan based solely on individual hair loss, health and wellness needs and objectives. Products and supplements are not included in the price of an initial wellness/trichology consultation.

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Comprehensive Tricho-Wellness Consultation ...$475

We offer a comprehensive wellness/trichology consultation if the need arises. This consultation allows us to work more in-depth with our client and includes blood work, a full report and program recommendations. Products and supplements are not included in the price of a comprehensive wellness/trichology consultation.

Allow 90 minutes

  • Hair Loss Questionnaire
  • Metabolic Assessment Questionnaire
  • Neurotransmitter Assessment Questionnaire
  • Digital & microscopic pictures
  • Capillascope-photos: shows you live microscopic computerizes images of your hair and scalp.
  • Scalp analysis by a Board Certified Naturopath and Trichologist
  • Functional Blood Analysis report (analysis report only, blood draw not included )
  • Additional lab panels may be need and suggested. The price of extra testing are not include in the price of this consultation.
  • Customized topical and nutritional program plan, based solely on individual metabolic health & wellness, hair loss needs and objectives. Products and supplements are not included in the price of an initial wellness/trichology consultation. 

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Tricho-Wellness Follow up Consultation...$45

  • All health & wellness related follow-up consultations are scheduled in 30 minute increments and based on the current  products they are on. 
  • Clients currently on TLC. Advanced Hair Loss Solutions programs receive Capillascope scalp exam check-ups every 3 months to monitor their progress; these check-ups are complimentary.

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