Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT)...cont.

Q&A...Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT)

1. What Is The Purpose of Vibrational Raindrop Technique?

The Purpose of Vibrational Raindrop Technique is to stimulate every organ including the Neuro-Endocrine Centers, muscle and bone at a cellular level through the use of essentials oils, supporting the immune system, bringing the body into structural/electrical balance, and enabling the release of toxins or disease wherever they may be lodged-including those illnesses lodged in the mind and emotions. The purpose of the tuning forks in VRT is to open opportunities at certain points during the technique for the client's body, mind emotions, and electromagnetic field to adjust to a healthier, more balanced configuration. Vibrational Raindrop Technique

2. Is the VRT Session Performed In Silence ?

VRT's Effectively Performed in Silence - Silence allows the facilitator to concentrate and serve as a better conduit of the Holy Spirit while allowing the client to interiorize their and assist in the healing process. Music is sometimes used as long as it  supports the vibrational aspects of the session. If talking is necessary (for instructional purposes, for example), it should be quetly. It is encouraged that both the facilitator and client engage in the session with an attitude of prayer, acknowledging our Creator as the source of all health and well - being, and seeking His guidance at all times.

3. What Is The Client Doing During The VRT Session?

The Client is the Principal Participant in and the means of their own healing process, the Facilitator is but a vessel assisting. The client should interiorize or center him or herself and feel the body as it adjusts and corrects itself. The client should breathe deeply and in a relaxed fashion on the massage table.

4. When Will I Feel Better??

The Maladies of the Body and Mind are in Layers.  During any given VRT or Raindrop session only those layers the client is ready and willing to release will be released-both physical and emotional. Negative experiences are often our greatest teachers. That is the reason we sometimes hold on to them-because we still have something to learn from them. When the client feels something ready to be released, it's suggested that we pray and or say an affirmation, i.e.: "I lovingly and willingly release that which no longer serves me in a positive and progressive way."

5.  Will VRT Be The Only Service I Need From The Lotus Concept?

Vibrational Raindrop Technique is a complete modality, in and of itself, that reaches to all levels of the body, mind and emotions. In general, its results are not improved when additional modalities are added or inserted during a VRT session, with exception of diet and lifestyle changes. The objective of Vibrational Raindrop Technique is to awaken the receiver's internal healing powers and any external manipulation at the time of the session interferes with the objective. At the completion of a VRT session the client will have been lifted to a delicate state of balance and receptivity to healing energies. If needed or desired, other healing modalities can be employed later when the VRT has had time to complete its work. Many clients will go home with a homeopathic remedy and or an essential oil so that the energetic work can continue for several weeks. Clients may also choose to learn Consciously Resting Mediation, (CRM)  or Emotional Freedom Technique to achieve regular and greater levels of relaxation.  Please see our package deals for up to 75% off!

6.  Can VRT Be Used as Apart of a Detox Program?

Vibrational Raindrop Technique Stimulates Detoxification of the Body...Therefore, it is crucial for the client to drink plenty of water following a session and avoid toxic fluids such as soda pop, coffee, or alcohol. A good rule to follow is to divide your weight in pounds by two and drink that number of ounces of pure water every day. Sometimes the detoxification process results in body soreness, headaches, sinus drainage, coughing or a rash on the skin. While unpleasant, these symptoms are temporary and are merely an indication that the technique is working and, perhaps, saving you from a much more serious illness at a later time. If the colon, liver and kidneys are saturated with toxins and unable to function normally, the skin becomes the third organ of excretion-thus a rash. If that happens, stop using oils for a while and double your water intake. With most clients I chose to use homeopathic damage remedies weeks prior to and during VRT sessions. For the vast majority of client their experience is a pleasant sense of improved wellbeing, relaxation, and energized and in some cases, chronic ailments have fallen away immediately or have disappeared soon after the session.

7. Can VRT Lead to Permanent Healing?

VRT can Lead to Permanent Healing, but ... The correction or healing of maladies will vary widely among clients according to their needs going into the session and their willingness to release what ails the, at the time. Not all problems can be solved in a single session. A state of ill health is usually the result of many years of accumulation of toxins and traumas-physical, mental and spiritual. Each VRT or Raindrop session can potentially correct something, but to completely return to a state of perfect health may take a series of sessions over time-plus lifestyle changes in terms of diet, exercise, healthy habits, prayer and mediation, and environment. VRT cannot lead to permanent healing unless permanent changes are made by the client to eliminate the factors that led to the ill conditions in the first place. What Raindrop and VRT do are to help cleanse one of the consequences of past negative activities and affords one the opportunity to start afresh and get it right in the present and into the future.

8. How do Essential Oil and Turning Forks Assist in Releasing Emotions?

Strong Emotional Release can sometimes occur with VRT since the oils when inhaled, go directly to the central brain which coordinates the memory of stored emotions. The oils also go directly to muscles, tissues and organs throughout the body where emotions can also be stored in cellular memory. Essential oils can penetrate cellular membranes and release these forgotten emotions. I ask that the client remain prayerful and allow the Holy Spirit to guide them in all truth.

9. Again...How Long Will it Take For Me to Heal and Feel Better?

The benefits from VRT may not all be apparent immediately following the session. Adjustments can continue throughout the week following. Some clients experience a healing (occasionally dramatic) immediately upon receiving VRT. However, the completion of the benefits to the client's mind, body and emotions takes place over a period of hours and days following the session and may not all be evident right away. Furthermore, some of the benefits may be subtle and may not as yet be healed, thus waiting to be released in prayer or a future VRT session. Meanwhile, unexpected healing may occur for chronic problems the client had not even though of. One can never predict in advance what benefits VRT may bring in a given session. Therefore, remember evaluation of the benefits received from VRT may take several days to assess. Be patient and prayerful!

10. My Skin Is Very Sensitive; Can I Still Get a VRT?

A word about skin sensitivities...  Therapeutic grade essential oils (such as those from Young Living) are generally safe to apply neat to the skin without unpleasant reactions. However, people whose bodies are in as acid condition or who have high levels of toxins may react to some oils and can develop a rash from too rapid a detox following Raindrop. For such individuals, I recommend applying V6 or a vegetable oil to the back before applying and essential oil. I always take precautions with very sensitive clients and those undergoing a detox programs.