TLC Detox 360° …28 day detox program

"I had a rebirth...there is a whole new world out there for me, I had no idea I could feel so good at my age."  Cathy 

TLC Detox 360°…28 day detox program

"My rheumatologist was surprised at how my fingers and hand had less inflammation, he wanted to know what I was up to..." M. A.

Nutrition Consultation

"I was floundering and drowning...Dr. Candy immediately recognized that my immune system was “on fire"...she’s a nutritional expert, a coach who is always empathetic and mindful, and as a friend and a guide." Mary M.

TLC Detox 360° 28-day detox program

"My energy levels increased, I slept better, I woke up earlier...I have so much energy that I reorganized my entire kitchen!" Beth Ann R.

Alopecia/Hair Loss

"For several years my hair would shed and break off, especially when I combed or washed it.  Many times the floor would be covered with hair and when I washed it clumps of hair were in my hand.  I tried different relaxed hair styles from long to short and even tried a short natural cut, hoping this would prevent breakage, but it didn’t.  I began to wonder if maybe something medically was wrong, but after all the test came back normal my concerns turn into frustration. I wondered if the shedding would ever stop.

Then in September I took a Micronutrient test and began taking the vitamins Dr. Candy recommended. I soon began to notice a drastic change in the amount of hair that was shedding. After only a few months I have had little to no breakage. In the areas where my hair was weak and thin new strong healthy hair has started to grow.  I’m confident that as I continue follow her recommendations my hair will make a full recovery."...Meishon R.

Seborrhea Dermatitis

"For almost 10 years I have had problems with an irritated scalp. I have been going to a dermatologist for the last 7 years because the issues I was having with my scalp began to get extremely worse. Everything the dermatologist would give me, would only provide temporary relief. As soon I did not use the medicine or the shampoo as it was directed, my scalp issues would come right back. I was referred to a Dr. Candy Lewis Williams to see about getting some help with controlling my hair and scalp problems. In just a few months after going to Dr. Candy I began to see dramatic changes in my hair. And now today I no longer have to use any of the medicines or shampoo that was prescribed by my dermatologist at all. My hair no longer itches I no longer have a dry scalp. I have only great things to say about what Dr. Candy Lewis Williams was able to do for my hair. I am not sure exactly what she did but it has completely relieved me of ALL my hair and scalp issues." Jade H

Better Health /Healthy Hair!

"My  family physician referred me to Dr. Lewis Williams. My hair was breaking and would not grow in certain areas on my head. After she gave me a Bio-Energetic test she looked at my blood test report and checked my hair and scalp.  Then set down and talked to me about my hair style and what choices I might have. I made a decision to transition from chemicals. No color or relaxers...oh no! But I did it! After 6 months of going natural, eating healthier and taking the supplements she recommend, my hair is growing. I feel great and have lots of energy! Not only did I get a healthier head of hair  Dr. Lewis Williams designed a weight loss program for me and I've loss 35 lbs."...Rachel O.

Gluten-free Living

"My doctor misdiagnosed my gluten-intolerance condition, but Dr. Candy found it right away and I feel so much better now. I feel like I can ride that "century ride."...Robert M.

Nutrition Consultation

I have so much more energy and focus now and feel a million times better. I have finally found someone who I trust to coach me on my well-being." ...Lois 

TLC Herbal Scalp Mask

"I was experiencing some type of large dandruff and scaliness with my scalp. Candy suggested the Herbal Scalp Mask. I could tell immediately  that the mask made a big difference. My hair had shine, bounce, looked very healthy. The flaking was much better. I was so happy with the results. I requested the mask with my next appointment and experienced the same results. I have not had any other problems with my scalp since using the product.

I can't believe how fast it worked!"...Lynn G.

"I Love My Hair!"

Dear Dr. Candy,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate knowing you. You are truly a unique lady. God sure put together a terrific combination when He created you. I truly admire you and enjoy your talents and passions. By the way, I love my hair! "I'm in love with myself."  😀 You are a Super Star!...Robin B.