Clinical Aromatherapy Techniques


Raindrop Technique

  This technique is non-invasive and uses therapeutic grade essential oils that may reduce inflammation and viral agents responsible for it. Nine oils are dispensed like little drops of rain along the vertebrae. A variety of massage techniques are used to assist in the distribution of the oils. Raindrop Technique is a tool that is used to help restore balance and relaxation. A combination of massage, Reflexology and essential oils are integrated in this technique to help the body into structural and electrical alignment.

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Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT)

This non-invasive offers the benefits of regular Raindrop Technique, with the addition of using tuning forks, during the session. The vibration given by the tuning forks enhances the benefits of the essential oils used, helping them deliver their healing at a deeper level as well as helping to balance the body's energy.

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Vibrational Auricular Technique (VAT)

Vibrational Auricular Technique is a non-invasive technique performed on the ears.  Acupuncture points accessed using the vibrational technique tuning forks and essential oils. With auricular medicine, certain points can be used for pain control, addictions, internal disorders, emotional issues and so much more.

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TLC EmotionalRelease Technique

TLC EmotionalRelease Technique ...Because Essential Oils are much stronger, more concentrated and potent than the plant material they come from, they have a much greater impact than just using the herb itself. These therapeutic essential oils and blends work not only on the physical body, but also the emotional level -- for such things as stress, anxiety, frustration, depression, anger, grief, negative feelings, etc.

TLC EmontionalRelease, is a non-invasive, non-secular technique created to be used within the Vibrational Raindrop Technique and a combination of Vibrational Auricular Technique (VAT) protocol. Various therapeutic grade essential oils are selected by the client and incorporated during the session.  Homeopathic and or essential oils may be suggested for home use after the session.

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